Extra Curricular

Pupils have the opportunity to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities during their time at school — from sport, music and drama to personal development programmes.


The following sports are offered in the Moat


In addition to class gymnastics, pupils may attend Jenny’s After School Club each Tuesday 4-5pm


P4-P7 have a term of swimming lessons. Our aim is for every child to swim a minimum of 25 m


Athletics is taught as part of the PE curriculum. P5-7 have coaching at Clones Peace Link Track


Coaching is provided my Matthew McGann, coach with Enniskillen Tennis Club


Mrs McElwaine coaches hockey. We enjoy much success in competitions


Mr Wilson, a keen cricket player himself,  coaches cricket to pupils in P5-P7

Ju Jitsu

Mr Lyle Gawley provides coaching to Year 4 pupils annually


Rugby coaching is provided by the local rugby clubs


Mr Robbie Walker coaches football to pupils in Year 5-7


Mrs Elliott and Mrs Patterson coach badminton


Mrs Bogue coaches netball


Mrs Neely and Mrs McCrory coach cross country running

In addition to music taught in each class, the school offers pupils the opportunity to learn a percussion or tuned instrument. Lessons are provided privately in school


Mr Don Swain teaches flute and clarinet to pupils in Years 5-7. Lessons take place each Monday. Pupils may take examinations


Our singing teacher, Aoife, teaches pupils in Years 3-7 each Tuesday. Examinations can be taken in Musical Theatre


Mrs Deborah Creighton teaches piano to pupils from P3-P7 each Wednesday. Piano examinations can be taken


Mr Stephen Crooks teaches brass and drumming to pupils from P4-P7 each Thursday. Pupils may enter examinations

Pupils can attend extra-curricular ICT clubs

iPads, Laptops and PCs

The school is well resourced with ipads, laptops and PCs. It possesses a green screen and filming material. It has purchased a range of ipad apps and digital programmes to enhance learning


P4-P7 are involved with PWC Coding. They showcased their work in Belfast (June 2018).  In 2018/19 Enthuse funding has been obtained to support computing design and technology through STEM

Programming and Robotics

Senior pupils are involved in programming and robotics. Pupils have showcased their work in Belfast. Junior pupils programme Beebot and Probot while senior pupils can use sphera

Leading ICT School

The Moat seeks to be a leading school in Fermanagh in ICT. Good practice has been filmed and other schools seek advice or visit the Moat for support

The school seeks to provide a wide variety of extra-curricular activities to support learning and develop the child.  In addition to class lessons the following clubs are offered


Each class has the opportunity to go on a variety of trips annually


Drama club, provided by a facilitator/ staff member

Dance… Move It!

6 weeks of huff and puff dance with Mrs Bogue or 6 weeks Country/ Set Dancing

Cookery Club

Offered as a club in 6 week cycles with Mrs Frazer

Art and Craft Club

Opportunities to develop art and craft with Mrs McCrory

Gardening Club

Greenfingers gang on Friday afternoons with Mrs Irwin

Whacky Science

With our Whacky Scientist… Mr Wilson

Engineering Club

Design and Build… with Mr Wilson