Admissions Criteria

Year 1

The Board of Governors of Moat Primary School has determined that the following criteria shall be applied in the event of the number of pupils applying for places in Year 1 being greater than the admissions number, in the order set out.  Priority will be given to children normally resident in Northern Ireland.

  1. Children of compulsory school age living within the traditional catchment area of the school.
  2. Children of compulsory school age who have brothers/sisters at the school.
  3. Children of compulsory school age whose parents work in the school.
  4. Children of compulsory school age regarded by the Board of Governors on the basis of written evidence or other supporting evidence from parents and/or statutory agencies, as having special circumstances i.e. medical, social or security reasons.
  5. Other children of compulsory school age from outside the catchment area wishing to attend the school, with priority given to those living closest to the school.

Year 1 Admissions After Beginning of School Year

Children who apply to enter the school during the academic year will be considered using the same criteria as for Year 1.

Years 2 - 7

Pupils will be considered for enrolment in Years 2-7 provided that:

  1. The school does not exceed its enrolment number
  2. In the opinion of the Board of Governors their admission would not prejudice the efficient use of the school’s resources

If at the time of the consideration of the applications, there are more eligible applicants than places, then the admissions Criteria for Year 1 pupils will be served.