Pupil Voice

We have three pupil committees: The School Council, The ECO Council and The Digital Leaders. The pupils meet regularly and report back to the school on what they are working towards.

School Council

The School Council is elected annually In September by fellow pupils in P3-P7.

2018-19 Representatives

P3 Justin Gould and Lexi McElwaine
P4 Dara Mullarkey and Caitlyn Read
P5 Alicia McElwaine; James Creighton
P6 Bala Repas and Emma Bullock
P7 Rebecca Read; Jessica Thompson

Staff Representative
Mr Wilson

Eco Council

Pupils are elected by fellow class members. Pupils remain on the Eco-Council in order to ensure progress and stability.

Pupil Representatives
P7: Jessica Thompson
Abbie Walmsley; Jake Sembhi
P6: Emma Bullock; Jamie Jennings
P5: Emma McElwaine; Dylan McElwaine
P4: Charlie Herbert; Ryan Johnston

Staff Representatives
Mrs McElwaine, Mrs Irwin and Mrs Moore

Parent Representative
Mrs Joanne Willis

Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders lead the way forward in ICT. They meet with Mrs Neely and teach, model and support in classrooms.

2018-19 Representatives

P3  Logan Houston, Kyle Black, Ellen Charles
P4 Dara Mullarkey, William Mitten and Charlie Jordan
P5 Dale Fisher and Jensen Ritchie
P6 Jamie Jennings, Laura Ritchie and Emma Bullock
P7 Kirsty Henry and Harry Jordan

Staff Representative
Mrs Neely

The Moat School Council along with St Ronan’s School Council visited Stormont in September 2018.