Leavers Celebration

A wonderful celebration with 8 amazing pupils. Thank you for your performance, P7,  through music, movement and drama.

P5 Achievements

P5 have been busy gathering up lots of achievements on their reward pencils. They have worked so hard all year […]

Welly Walk on Tour

P1 enjoyed a welly walk through Castlecoole. We explored the buttercup field and went on an adventure through the forest […]

P4 Space Homework

Over the past couple of weeks P4 have been concentrating their homework on the topic of “Space “. They tasked […]

Gingerbread Man

P2 have been looking at the book ‘The Gingerbread Man’ this week. We have had lots of fun reading the […]

Little Artists

P1 like to develop their creativity and independence through painting.


P1 are reinforcing the concept of  ‘ over ‘ and ‘ under’ through the use of the gymnastics equipment .