P5 Internet Safety Posters

P5 were tasked to design a poster showing children how to keep safe when using the internet. The criteria included: […]

P5 Dylan Quinn 23.01.2020

Today P5 had another dance session with Dylan Quinn. They added a few more movement to their routines and were […]

P5 Core NI 21.01.2020

Sean was back and this time the focus was on hand-eye coordinations. There was even an exercise where pupils were […]

P5 Dylan Quinn (16.01.20)

Let’s Dance! Dylan Quinn will be teaching P5 some dance moves for the next few weeks. They were taught 6 […]

P5 Core NI (14.01.20)

For the next 6 weeks P5 will enjoy PE sessions with Sean from Core NI. The first session was an […]

P5 Gymnastics (13.01.20)

P5 all had a fabulous time using the Moat School gym equipment today. The class was split into 4 groups […]

P5 Dutch Lesson

Today, Friday 10th January P5 enjoyed a lesson in Dutch. They were told a bit about the Netherlands and their […]