Zoom Boom Pupil Photos

Well done to Andrew in P3 . Super work hula hooping and practising push ups .Boomtastic work ! Holly has […]

Design a Zoom Boom T-Shirt

We are running a T-Shirt design competition . Please design your own t -shirt for Zoom Boom 2020 . You […]

Zoom Boom Club

  We would like to keep our classes and their families active at this time to increase their overall well […]

P5 World Book Day

P5 went all out on World Book Day (05.03.20). Lots of Wimpy Kids, a few Tom Gates’ and a couple […]

P5 Making Malteser Squares

Today Mrs Logan showed P5 how to make Malteser Squares. After Mrs Logan had prepared the tray, which had to […]

P5 Breathe Workshop (28.02.20)

David Toney came back to do another Breathe Workshop. This time P5 learned how to release stress by first tensing […]

P5 Core NI (25.02.20)

Sean was back with a bit more core work for P5. The focus was on hand-eye coordination, using various games […]