Cookery Club 8th Feb ‘19

It was P5’s turn to enjoy Cookery Club with Mrs Johnston. On Friday they did sugar crafts and decorated buns […]

Fun in the Snow P5

P5 had so much fun today, first we done our science experiments in the snow and then we all got […]

Snow Science P5

Today we done an experiment in P5, we gathered up snow in 4 beakers and then we put different materials […]

Craft club

Craft club, have designed their own mug today, lots of concentration was required to produce their personalised mug.

Jujitsu Grading

Congratulations to our amazing pupils at the recent jujitsu grading! We are so proud of you!

P5 give Santa the thumbs up

So much excitement today with Santa and Christmas dinner. We loved hearing what the children wanted for Christmas and thankfully […]