Zoom Boom Club

  We would like to keep our classes and their families active at this time to increase their overall well […]

P5 World Book Day

P5 went all out on World Book Day (05.03.20). Lots of Wimpy Kids, a few Tom Gates’ and a couple […]

P5 Making Malteser Squares

Today Mrs Logan showed P5 how to make Malteser Squares. After Mrs Logan had prepared the tray, which had to […]

P5 Breathe Workshop (28.02.20)

David Toney came back to do another Breathe Workshop. This time P5 learned how to release stress by first tensing […]

P5 Core NI (25.02.20)

Sean was back with a bit more core work for P5. The focus was on hand-eye coordination, using various games […]

P5 Pancake Day 🥞

Today (25 Feb ‘20) P5 were taught how to make pancakes. They followed an easy recipe, measured ingredients, created the […]

P4/5 Internet Safety

P4/5 made presentations in assembly recently. P4 concentrated on the SMART message, while P5 showed off their artwork.

P5 Breathe Workshop (21.02.20)

Today P5 were privileged to participate in David Toney’s Breathe Workshop. David explained the importance of breathing and how to […]