Zoom Boom Club

  We would like to keep our classes and their families active at this time to increase their overall well […]


In groups, children constructed straw bridges using drinking straws, sticky tape and card. Their mission was to build a super […]

P6 – Breathe Workshop

P6 attended a ‘Breathe’ workshop. They learnt a variety of breathing techniques to help with relaxation, sleep and anxiety.

Moat Assembly Internet Safety

In today’s assembly, the Moat pupils discussed Internet safety. Online identity to be more specific. Jamie, Laura and Emma from […]

Core NI – P6

P6 are enjoying a range of sporting activities provided by Core NI on Tuesday mornings!

Dancing with Dylan Quinn – P6

P6 are enjoying dance lessons from Dylan Quinn. This programme will run for six weeks on Thursday mornings. They are […]

Gymnastics Fun for P6

P6 have been practising their gymnastic skills on the indoor equipment. Great fun was had by all!