Welcome to Primary 6 and 7 Class News

Welcome to P6/7. We are a class of 29 pupils taught by Mr Wilson and supported by our classroom assistant Mrs Elliott. Our first Topic is The Titanic. We will be finding out about the Belfast shipyard in which it was build. We will be finding out about the building of the Titanic and its fateful maiden voyage.

Titanic Pulleys.

P6/7 were finding out about how block and tackle pulley systems were used to lift heavy objects. ¬†Back in those […]

Bible Exhibition

So where did the bible come from? How many languages is it produced in? How many books in the bible? […]

P6/ 7 Discovering Gravity

P6/7 allowing themselves to discover the mysterious force of planet earth- gravity. Gravity is the invisible force that pulls one […]

P6/7 From Flax to Linen

P6/7 have been looking at one of N Ireland’s most famous products from the past- linen. We have been looking […]

Mr Raymond Wilson - P6 and P7 Teacher

Mrs Iris Elliott - P6/7 Classroom Assistant