Welcome to Primary 7 Class News

Welcome to P7. We are taught by Mr Wilson and supported by our classroom assistant Mrs Elliott.

Titanic Pulleys.

P6/7 were finding out about how block and tackle pulley systems were used to lift heavy objects.  Back in those […]

Bible Exhibition

So where did the bible come from? How many languages is it produced in? How many books in the bible? […]

P6/ 7 Discovering Gravity

P6/7 allowing themselves to discover the mysterious force of planet earth- gravity. Gravity is the invisible force that pulls one […]

P6/7 From Flax to Linen

P6/7 have been looking at one of N Ireland’s most famous products from the past- linen. We have been looking […]

Mr Raymond Wilson - P7 Teacher

Mrs Iris Elliott - P7 Classroom Assistant