Harry Gault attends Swansea School of Excellence

We have two IFA coaches in school at present and already they have recognised talent. Harry Gault who has always been adept with his football skills from an early age, has been put forward for training for the Swansea Excellence Programme.

Below you can read Harry’s interview with his teacher, Mr Wilson, on being chosen for the programme and a little about his training.

Mr Wilson: How did you get to hear about the Swansea Football Club School of Excellence?

Harry: Mr Robbie Walker, who takes the boys for football practice on Friday afternoons, told me about the coaching sessions.

Mr Wilson: When to you attend the coaching?

Harry: Coaching is every Wednesday night at the Castle Park Centre in Lisnaskea.

Mr Wilson: What sort of activities do you do during a coaching session?

Harry: We concentrate on improving our skills. We undertake several routines that help to develop our dribbling, passing and awareness of space. These can be where we work in pairs or in a small group. We also look at game tactics, working on defensive and attacking set plays. We must make sure we stay fit so there are a lot of fitness drills that get us out of breath.

Mr Wilson: Harry this sounds like a great opportunity are you enjoying it?

Harry: Yeah, it’s good fun… you get to play with lots of other good players and that’s what makes you a better player.

Mr Wilson: So Harry when can we see you playing for Ipswich Town?

Harry: …..Long pause…: Hmmmmmmm….. who??

(Guess who supports Ipswich Town!!!)

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