Moat Heartbeat Fun

We had lots of fun today. We spent two hours moving from classroom to classroom where we learned lots and really pumped our hearts.

In the hall we pumped our hearts with Mrs McElwaine. We really got our hearts going! Yes, some of us need to get fitter!

In P1 room, we relaxed with some yoga with Mrs Bogue. This also worked on our flexibility, stamina and strength.

In P2 room, we made delicious fruit kebabs with Mrs Frazer. Scrumptious fruits and a marshmallow on our kebabs. Yum!

In P3 room, we danced and got our hearts really moving again. We had lots of fun with Mrs Humphreys.

In P4 room, we had ART ATTACK! The art centred on hearts and proved a popular activity with Mrs Johnston.

In P5 room, we learned about CPR and what to do in an emergency. Mrs Patterson told us how important it was to know our address and postcode when dialling 999.

In P6/7 room, we had a science lesson with Mr Wilson. We learned about healthy and unhealthy hearts. We observed how blood is pumped round the body and we pumped blood through a tub (like our veins).

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