Moat Sports Day Trophies 🏆

The Moat Primary School held its annual Sports Day today, Wednesday 12th June 2019. Luckily the weather behaved itself, so the children, parents and grandparents were all able to enjoy this fantastic event. All the children performed to the best of their ability, but only a few could take home a trophy 🏆. However, everyone got a medal 🥇 for being such good sports. The best girls and boys were as follows:

P1 Darcey McElwaine and Edmund Roe

P2 Elsie Wilson and Jack Crawford

P3 Lexi McElwaine and Logan Houston

P4 Charlotte Farrell and Levi Thompson

P5 Alicia McElwaine and Archie Kells

P6 Rowena Kells and Jake Willis

P7 Jessica Thompson and Harry Gault

The lovely cake was won by Hannah Darling.

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