P2 and P3 Secrets of Spring Trip - Archived

Secrets of Spring

P2 and P3 braved the ‘NOT SO SPRING LIKE’ weather to travel to Florencecourt Estate. However, they were blessed with sunshine when they went outside to follow the clues to nature. The children were very excited to find the little chalkboards hanging up on a tree with a question for them. At each stop, they had to find something to match the colour of chalk writing. So, if the writing was in yellow, they had to find something yellow. They loved answering the question and listening to the next clue.

In the morning they  learned about the butterfly and frog lifecycles and later arranged the various stages in order. They learned about eggs and nests and even got to hold an egg as big as an ostrich’s egg.

Each group was given a nest and together they had to answer questions related to the nest. They had to try and work out what bird might have built that nest.

Following ‘Storm Gareth’, some of the new signs of spring had a little battering. The daffodil heads had surely been nodding more than they should have but then they did appear very early this year. The journey over Innishmore Island puzzled us with so many trees and fields in the water (after all the rain).


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