P4 Visit to Florencecourt House 21.03.19 - Archived

On Thursday 22 March, P4 travelled to Florencecourt House to get a taste of what it was like being a servant at the house about 100 years ago. They had a wonderful time experiencing the work involved in running such a big place. They worked really hard doing the following chores: mangling clothes, hanging them to dry using wooden pegs, ironing, cleaning the living quarters, dusting, polishing shoes and cutlery, preparing food in the kitchen, sifting flour, setting up the tea tray, weighing ingredients for a cake, using a pestle and mortar to crush cloves and cinnamon, scrubbing potatoes in the scullery and sorting fruit and vegetables. They discovered that being a servant was hard work and if they did things wrong or not good enough they could miss a meal. The children also experienced being in a classroom in that period and found out that it wasn’t much fun. The teacher was extremely strict and even carried a cane to punish pupils with. Writing on a slate also proved a challenge. Afterwards P4 enjoyed playing with olden time toys such as Tumbling Clowns, Jacob’s Ladder and Put the Ball into the Cup.

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