P4 Zoom Boom Club (week2) - Archived

  • Warming up doing Jumping Jacks.

The second week of Zoom Boom Club, saw P4 doing their exercises outside. They warmed up with free dance and some Jumping Jacks. The strengthening exercise was called the Dead Bug, where the children had to lie on the ground and ‘walk in the air ‘ by moving arms and legs. Coordination was again some juggling, but this time it was made a bit harder by having to try and juggle 2 balls. The cardio exercise consisted of doing Keepie Uppies. Some were better at it than others. For balance, the Wiggly Worm came out again, but this time children had to hop on one leg and jump over the rope. The stretch was called the Elastic Man, where pupils had to stretch their arms and legs as far as they can.

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